Sacred journey through the landscape of the women

9 weeks online program of activation, initiation and transformational immersion into sacred feminine awakening and embodiment.

Awaken your feminine wisdom and sexual soverenty.

Reclame, Remember and Rise in your feminine nature and liberate your soul.

22.07. – 19.09.2021

Dear Sister,

This invitation is for you to remember, activate and embody your sacred feminine essence.

– Regain your confidence and self worth

– Transform your limiting believes

– And alight with your most radiant self

Now is time like never before for us as women to rise up in our feminine nature, wisdom and power.

Online program

This immersion is about sacred marriage to your inner most SELF in divine union of sacred feminine and masculine to activate your Sophia Magdalena Christ Consciousness and be initiated in Lineage of LOVE of your ROSE HEART.

Do you feel the responce of your body – mind – soul when you read this words?

That tingling sensation, inner knowing and resonance?

Than you know this is for you and you are invited to pick up the call and be supported in answearing it and showing up for your soul evolution.

As the old world is crumbling down and all kind of forces are playing out within us and outside of us we have power of our choice to evolve as souls and remember who we truly are and claim back what belongs to us – our body, our voice, our creative powers and our connection to divine.


Women’s mysteries, sacred sexuality and feminine embodiment of your radiance.

BELOVED woman, sister, mother, grandmother, human being, precious soul…
SHE is Calling Us Home, we feel it, hear it, know it in our core…
SHE say Beloved ONE I been waiting for you…

Why and for who the program is intended:

  • I know the feeling of separation, fear, guilt, shame, inferiority, loss, frustration, helplessness, and the feeling that I don’t belong here.
  • I know how to get confused in the emotions of sadness, grief, jealousy, anger, despair and not knowing what to do with it or suppressing it and internalized it.
  • I know how it feels: “I am not living my life”. “Everyone else is more important than me.”, “I have to sacrifice myself”
  • I know how to feel emotionally, mentally, sexually or spiritually unfulfilled, dissatisfied and unseen in relationship with others
  • I know how it is to be under pressure, control, manipulation, domination of other or my own beliefs, patterns of behavior, thought flows, what I believed or took from ancestors, family, society, school and other institutes, and I don’t know how to get out of it.

AU how does this hurt !!!

At the same time to have a great desire to help, support, care for and share your gifts and create. Do things differently and just be be my authentic, free and most alive Self.

I want to feel, I want to be at home in my body, sensual, feminine, fulfilled, creative, joyful, orgasmic and live my dream.

But at the same time, I have a great fear of punishment, rejection and that I will not be accepted for who I am and because of that to be cycling in my own self sabotage, lack of self confidence and doubt.

This immersion is about releasing:

  • yourself from the grid and morphogenic fields based on fear, pain, suffering, scarification, blame, shame, guilt
  • yourself from cycles of victim hood, oppression, domination, control and manipulation.
  • and clearing old limiting believes, thought forms, ancestral imprints, patterns of behaviour
  • suppressed emotions
  • personal or ancestral trauma from cellular and DNA level
  • yourself from Self sabotage by bringing back fragmented parts of yourself with radical self love, acceptance, forgiveness and understanding of your lesson.
  • vows and soul contracts which doesn’t serve you anymore

This immersion is about rebuilding:

  • Trust in guidance of your heart, intuition and inherent wisdom
  • Trust in presence of love within you
  • Trust in you as woman in her different faces and archetypes
  • Trust in you as leader, creatrix and soverent being
  • Trust in your natural rhytm and cycles
  • Trust in wisdom of your body
  • Trust in your psychic abilities, healing powers, prayers and visions as part of your magic toolbox

This immersion is about recieving:

  • time, space, support and guidance for your own evolution, healing, embodiment and empowerment
  • receiving and accessing your multidimensional Self with your skills, gifts and wisdom which you have already inside you and you are here to share
  • receiving yourself on deep level and embodying the I am presence, the Love which you truly Are
  • receiving guidance and support from your higher Self and Spirit guides
  • tools, practices and teachings to support your life path
  • effortlessly through transmission, activation, initiation and quantum healing
  • group energy, wisdom, support, reflexions and feminine presence

Let’s your heart and soul be the driving force of your life
Let go of the story “I am not ready “ or any other version of it…
Breath in and Jump !!!
We are here to be your supportive web of love for you to open your wings and fly

Change from inside out

Blossom from within

Heroine journey

We will fully dive into mystery of feminine nature and Shakti power of Flow, Surrender, Creativity and Embodiment while increasing our ability to be Present, to Observe and Focus our energy.

This is for woman who want to:

  • Be rooted in heart consciousness and enjoy with great pleasure their physicality
  • Want to feel supported, held and met in different levels of their plane of existence as consciousness
  • Up level their tool kit to creat safe and strong container to deliver their work
  • Rise their frequency and be able to ride it in every day life
  • Embody their higher Self even more and have access to higher dimensions of reality for support, guidance and downloads
  • Receive effortlessly their highest timeline of reality where all their dreams are fulfilled through their soul blueprint
  • Live life in alignment with her soul and soul mission 
  • Increase self-confidence, self-worth, self love 
  • Be herself without apology and express herself freely 
  • Activate her internal authority and leadership
  • Live from one’s own integrity
  • Lead life from a place of passion, purpose and pleasure 
  • Feel connected, joyful, peaceful and content
  • Communicate her sacred YES and NO and have clear boundaries
  • Wants to activate the power of her voice

What are we going to do?

We open space for GODDESS ACTIVATION with support of Isis, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene for your remembering, awakening of the codes and wisdom within you, for your healing, connection and support from your higher Self.

We will use FEMININE EMBODIED PRACTICES to cultivate Prana/ Qi / Life force to freely flow through every cell of our body and be able to contain it for our radiant health, hormonal balance, nourishments of our organs and sense of calmness, safety and connection in the flow of life.

We will awaken inherent intelligence of our body and primal wild SHAKTI force within us with ANCIENT BODY RITUALS for SELF LOVE, STRENGTH AND CLARITY.

We will join in circle of Life, circle of SISTERHOOD to sing and dance song of our heart with support of CACAO CEREMONY to feel, know and experience community, communion and co-creation.

We will be inspired and educated by TEACHING OF THE ROSE about wisdom of our Menstrual Moon Circles, Sacred Sexuality, Sensuality, Self Care, Sound Medicine and Food for Goddess.

What you get?

During this program we will journey together through powerful planetary portals of activations, transmissions and liberations starting with energy of full moons – new moons – lions gate – with final closing ceremony and session with full moon energy 19.9. 2021 all in alignment with divine orchestration for your soul evolution. You will be receiving guidance form your higher self, ascended masters and codes from higher realms of consciousness to embody in this auspicious time on planet Earth.

Live session on Zoom every Sunday – 3 hours

– group mentoring, guided group healing session and ceremonies
 practices and teachings
– specific for certain area of our physical/ emotional/ mental and spiritual body
– transmission, initiation and activation

Support in private Facebook group

– Via private intimate group held in safe, protected and supportive container on Facebook

And more…

– Pre-recorded teaching, practices, guidance, meditation and inspiration on topics of the week
– Access to the recording of the live zoom sessions of the program.
– 06.09.-12.09.2021 integration week without live call
– You can join live in real time
– You can go by your own time zone by watching reply
– From comfort of your home or whenever you choose to be

22.07.2021 Opening ceremony

– Opening and introductiorary in the FB group to make yourself comfortable in our temple space for next 9 weeks of journey together

12.09.2021 Integration week

– This time is dedicated for integration – no live calls

19.09.2021 Closing ceremony

– Final session and closing ceremony

Structure of the programm


First 2,5 hours session with themes of the 7th chakra. Full moon ceremony, clearing of the mental body and activation of the Priestess codes of your soul and opening portal to accessing your multidimensional self with transmission and support from Mary Magdalene in temple of Isis.


6th chakra – Archetype of Queen- Activation of the 3 eye. Working with visualization/projection/clairvoyance in the quantum field of consciousness.


5th chakra – Archetype of Medicine wise women – voice activation, healing, clearing in topic of communication, self- expression, sacred yes/no, sound medicine.


4th chakra – Archetype of Mother – Self – love, inner child, self mothering, activation of the thymus gland and sacred heart space. Healing of the heartbreaks, sorrow, sadness, abandonment, separation. Practices for self nourishment and self care connected to our breasts.


3th chakra – Archetype of Warrioress – activation of the central sun in your solar plexus. Your inner light and power of discernment, boundaries, protection and align action with ability to radiate your presence, be Yourself and use your free will.


2nd chakra – Archetype of Lover/Mistress/Dark Mother – womb wisdom, sensuality, sexuality, creativity, emotional intelligence and power for creation.


1st chakra – Archetype of Meiden/ Menarche – roots, all about yoni, creating a healthy and strengthening relationship with her, guided meditation of the healing circle and blessing of the shrine, breathing techniques, purification techniques and awakening exercises and techniques of primary power / Shakti / Kundalini in us. Working with yoni eggs and other care tools for her joy, health and strength. 

Pre-recorded teachings, practices, guidance and support related to the topic of the week will be about:

  • Sacred sexuality and sovereignty

  • Womb healing and activation

  • Yoni reclamation plus healing properties of yoni eggs and crystal wands

  • Voice activation and sound healing

  • Self love and self care practices

  • Somatic meditations, grounding practices

  • Nutrition and detoxification

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Healthy boundaries, truthful yes and no
  • How to create sacred space, clear and program spaces, sacred objects
  • Embodiment practice from different modalities as yin yoga, vinyasa yoga, hormonal yoga, qigong, breath work, dance, orgasmic yoga
  • Deep relationship with Earth and elements
  • Freedom of expression and creativity aligned with your soul purpose and mission
  • Heart centred practices – inner child work, self mothering and fathering

You will be receiving them every Friday to be than discussed and practice on the call.


Pokud se rozhodneš zaplatit program najednou. 

1990 USD

1550 USD

How it works?

1. Make a payment. We allow payments by credit cards or bank transfer.

2. After succesful payment you receive an invitation to a Facebook group. 

3. You will also get an e-mail with invitation on Zoom. 


I felt this strong call inside of me to work with Lucie, I had no idea why until now. She was exactly the medicine I needed in order to fully embody my own power. She has facilitated a space that have transformed old belief system within me, released me from old stories and empowered me to rise. She is like the ocean; she goes deep. She is soft yet powerful. Her wisdom will reach every corner of your being and leaving you with no other choice than to transform. 

Thank you! It is seriously crazy what has happened. Within this month I have found a place to do my water flow, I have got a client and are now doing voice healing sessions, I have realised my soul is passionate about the elements and I have come home. So happy and grateful.
– From Teresa Sol Love

Your mentor and your guide Lucie Aujeská

Lucie is a transformational facilitator, transpersonal embodiment therapist, mentor, educator and guide in women’s mysteries, sacred sexuality and feminine embodiment. She provides healing transmissions and soul activations in ceremonial space. She is inspirational speaker and passionate entrepreneur in field of health and wellness. She has been developing and growing through many trainings in different therapeutic and healing modalities including yoga, meditation and shamanic journeys. 
Lucie is considered one of the pioneers in Czech Republic who brought the raw food movement to mainstream and through her passion to share and educate about healthy sustainable living she founded company Vitalvibe which she has led for 8 years in new way of feminine leadership. Together with her ex business partner and team she developed successful business that contributes in supporting many people to make healthy choices in their diet and to raise their energy level through the supply of high quality superfoods. She started to run her own 21days trainings about raw food preparation since 2011 under name Yourelife with holistic components in it as yoga, meditation, breathwork, group circles and different healing modalities. 
These days her integrated approach to health and vibrant life in fulfilling and heart oriented way, she offers therapeutic, educative and coaching private session in person or Skype and than group seminars and training focus on self love, intimacy, empowerment and wholeness in our own unique and yet original way as human beings experiencing life in its essential, authentic, creative and joyful way.
Currently she is working on her mission to support and empower women in feminine embodiment and leadership and to facilitate positive transformations in collective evolution to heart centred unity consciousness in collaborative ways.

Special guests

Sanya Hur Em is a Dream Journey Guide, Bodywork Professional, Wisdom Keeper of the Womb and lead facilitator of Feminine Embodiment. Building on a unique repertoire of professional backgrounds, Sanya leads with a grounded, open-hearted quality. With her school Embodied Healing Arts, she offers retreats, online courses and facilitator training in Medicine Woman Arts®️ and Holistic Somatic Healing®️. Drawing on a unique blend of Somatic Practices, Bodywork and Feminine Dream Shamanism, she invites women to immerse in their enchanted inner world and completely rebirth their lives from within. 

Beta Lisboa, a Brazilian passionate spiritual seeker, is the founder of Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga, a fascia awareness yoga system. Beta works as a Yoga teacher, Trauma Release Healer, Myofascial Body Therapist and Author.
After much research over 25 years of learnings, Beta’s passion focuses on women’s embodiment and trauma healing. Beta’s school of yoga advocated over more than 500 graduates in 20 different countries with over 1000 hours of teaching experience.

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