Evolutionary Woman

Be the woman which you came here to live, express, shine and create. She is knocking on your door and saying can I come in? Are you ready to receive me? Fully?

If you have YES , this invitation is for YOU

Online program 

7 weeks program of activation, initiation and transformational immersion in Feminine Awakening


And it’s time to upgrade

The old must crumble for new to Be

7 weeks journey through 7 chakras – 7 levels of density – 7 archetypes

 July 04 – August 22, 2020

Illustration by Danielle Noel

Illustration by Danielle Noel

This immersion is about releasing:

  • yourself from the grid and morphogenic fields based on fear, pain, suffering, scarification, blame, shame, guilt
  • yourself from cycles of victim hood, oppression, domination, control and manipulation.
  • and clearing old limiting believes, thought forms, ancestral imprints, patterns of behaviour
  • suppressed emotions
  • personal or ancestral trauma from cellular and DNA level
  • yourself from Self sabotage by bringing back fragmented parts of yourself with radical self love, acceptance, forgiveness and understanding of your lesson.
  • vows and soul contracts which doesn’t serve anymor

This immersion is about rebuilding:

  • Trust in guidance of your heart, intuition and inherent wisdom
  • Trust in presence of love within you
  • Trust in you as woman in her different faces and archetypes
  • Trust in you as leader, creatrix and soverent being
  • Trust in your natural rhytm and cycles
  • Trust in wisdom of your body
  • and restoring nervous system to healthy parasympathetic and sympathetic functioning so you can feel inherent love, joy, peace, balance, clarity, passion, strength, safety and be in coherence and resonance with positivity in your life.

Illustration by Danielle Noel

This immersion is about recieving:

  • time, space, support and guidance for your own evolution, healing, embodiment and empowerment
  • receiving and accessing your multidimensional Self with your skills, gifts and wisdom which you have already interested and you are here to share
  • receiving yourself on deep level and embodying the I am presence, the Love which you truly Are
  • receiving guidance and support from your higher Self and Spirit guides
  • tools, practices and teachings to support your life path
  • effortlessly through transmission, activation, initiation and quantum healing
  • group energy, wisdom, support, reflexions and feminine presence


Initiation of Menarche

Initiation of Dark Mother

Initiation of Warrioress

Initiation of the Mother

Initiation of Wise medicine woman

Initiation of the Queen

Initiation of the Priestess

Workshops, teachings, inspiration, motivation and support related to the topics of the weeks will be about:

  • Sexual sovereignty
  • Womb wisdom and health
  • Yoni reclamation plus healing properties of yoni eggs and crystal wands
  • Moon cycles and menstruation magic
  • Relationship to self and other
  • Self love and self care practices
  • Somatic meditations
  • Nutrition and detoxification
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Healthy boundaries, truthful yes and no
  • communication skills
  • working with voice and sound healing
  • authentic relating
  • Embodiment practice from different modalities as yin yoga, vinyasa yoga, hormonal yoga, qigong, breath work, dance, orgasmic yoga
  • Trauma inform practices
  • Deep relationship with Earth and elements
  • Working with your inner critic for your benefits
  • Freedom of expression and creativity aligned with your soul purpose and mission
  • Heart centred practices – inner child work, self mothering and fathering

Structure of the program:

7x 1.5h guided group healing session and ceremonies

– specific for certain area of our physical/ emotional/ mental and spiritual body –
– including transmission, initiation and activation through 7 chakras – 7 levels of density – 7 feminine archetypes and qualities

7x 1.5 h workshop related to the topic of the week with

– supportive engagement in private fb group
– support, motivation and inspiration with practices through this 7 weeks with valuable content

7x 1,5h group zoom meeting with sharing, reflection, Q&A, supportive presence

– opportunity to be seen, heard, felt
– to receive support and feedback
– to rise your vibration
– to integrate

We will fully dive into mystery of feminine nature and Shakti power of Flow, Surrender, Creativity and Embodiment while increasing our ability to be Present, to Observe and Focus our energy.

Where and how:

– via FB private group with all the content plus zoom private rooms
– via private intimate group held in safe, protected and supportive container on zoom
– access to the recording of the sessions and workshops during immersion and after the program
– You can join live in real time
– You can go by your own time zone by watching reply
– from comfort of your home or whenever you choose to be

Change from inside out

Blossom from within

Heroine journey

Let’s your heart and soul be the driving force of your life

Let go of the story “I am not ready “ or any other version of it…

Breath in and Jump !!!

We are here to be your supportive web of love for you to open your wings and fly


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Now available in CZ language for exclusive price!

This programm is now available in Czech. 

11 000,-



I felt this strong call inside of me to work with Lucie, I had no idea why until now. She was exactly the medicine I needed in order to fully embody my own power. She has facilitated a space that have transformed old belief system within me, released me from old stories and empowered me to rise. She is like the ocean; she goes deep. She is soft yet powerful. Her wisdom will reach every corner of your being and leaving you with no other choice than to transform. 

Thank you! It is seriously crazy what has happened. Within this month I have found a place to do my water flow, I have got a client and are now doing voice healing sessions, I have realised my soul is passionate about the elements and I have come home. So happy and grateful.
– From Teresa Sol Love
Your facilitator

About Me

Lucie Aujeská

Lucie is a transformational facilitator, transpersonal embodiment therapist, mentor, educator and guide in women’s mysteries, sacred sexuality and feminine embodiment. She provides healing transmissions and soul activations in ceremonial space. She is inspirational speaker and passionate entrepreneur in field of health and wellness. She has been developing and growing through many trainings in different therapeutic and healing modalities including yoga, meditation and shamanic journeys. 
Lucie is considered one of the pioneers in Czech Republic who brought the raw food movement to mainstream and through her passion to share and educate about healthy sustainable living she founded company Vitalvibe which she has led for 8 years in new way of feminine leadership. Together with her ex business partner and team she developed successful business that contributes in supporting many people to make healthy choices in their diet and to raise their energy level through the supply of high quality superfoods. She started to run her own 21days trainings about raw food preparation since 2011 under name Yourelife with holistic components in it as yoga, meditation, breathwork, group circles and different healing modalities. 
These days her integrated approach to health and vibrant life in fulfilling and heart oriented way, she offers therapeutic, educative and coaching private session in person or Skype and than group seminars and training focus on self love, intimacy, empowerment and wholeness in our own unique and yet original way as human beings experiencing life in its essential, authentic, creative and joyful way.
Currently she is working on her mission to support and empower women in feminine embodiment and leadership and to facilitate positive transformations in collective evolution to heart centred unity consciousness in collaborative ways.